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Highlight on Japanese green tea


To link with my earlier post, I’d like to highlight Japanese teas. In Japan tea consuming is more than just an everyday thing, it is a life style and a spiritual ideal known as ‘’Cha Do’’ (The Way of Tea). Through their challenging and sophisticated culture, they created a ceremony ritual that considers tea as a unique product and its consumption is an Art in itself.

Brief historic of Japanese tea industry:
For a long time the Japanese tea industry was focusing on exportation and the international demand. Japan has export black tea until the 70s. Since then, the tea market has changed, and today most of Japanese rare black tea production remains for national consumption and less than 1% of the total production is to exportation.  Japan is now 7th world wide green tea producer, and its industry is still growing. A large part of its success is due to many tea base by-products such as toothpaste, pharmaceutical products, pasta, ice tea, polyphenol extract and more…

It is hard to find English information on Japan economical data. The following statistics are from 2007 and are from Tea Board of Japan.

Total area cultivated: 48,000 hectares
Total annual production: 92,000 ton (green tea only)
Annual exportation: 1,600 ton
Main purchasing country: United States

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