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What is Gong Fu Cha tea?

Gong Fu Tea Brewing became popular during China’s Ming Dynasty around the year 1500. The difference between the Western method and the Gong Fu Cha method is in the ratio of tea leaves to the quantity of water used, and the steeping duration of the tea. The Gong Fu Cha method involves using more leaves, but the infusion duration is shorter. This allows for multiple infusions.  It generally involves using a clay teapot called Yixing, or a ceramic or glass small vessel called Gaiwan.  This method of brewing requires practice and the term “Gong Fu style” literally means the art of brewing tea skilfully. Gong Fu Cha is great for Oolong teas, and Pu'erh teas, but can also works for other types of tea.  The following video describes the steps in brewing tea Gong Fu Cha style.

Posted on April 9, 2017 and filed under Tea how to.