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Fight the cold and flu before they knock you down

This morning I woke up with an itchy throat and a kind of runny nose. I don’t want to be sick; so I whipped up my secret weapon to fight whatever is going on in my system:   my Power Booster Green Tea Special Flu and Cold Fighter.

Right after I had a first cup, I felt a change.  My sinuses unblocked and my throat stopped itching. I’ll keep drinking this special potion for the next three or four days and I’m sure no virus is going to survive.

If you would like to try it, here is the recipe:

4 tsp       Power Booster green ginger powdered tea, certified organic
1                 Lemon freshly pressed juice
1 tbsp     Fresh ginger root grated
1 tbsp     Honey
750 ml   Filtered hot water (85°C)

In a Filter-In Hario Tea bottle, or any teapot, pour together the lemon, ginger and honey.   Cover with hot water and let dissolve.
Add powdered tea, and pour the rest of the water.
Mix well and serve.
This drink is good hot, cool or cold. You can keep it at room temperature once it has cooled down, or put it in the refrigerator.

If you ever try it, I’d like to get comment.

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Green tea helps keep the flu away

Green tea helps keep flu away

A recent medical study indicates that simply drinking a cup of green tea daily could prevent influenza infection, especially for school-aged children.  Japanese researchers studied 2,663 students aged 6 to 13 who drink tea daily and found 40 percent were less likely to get the flu.  Those who drank up to five cups a day were the least likely to become ill. Even just one cup of green tea per day also had significantly fewer absences due to flu.  Researchers concluded that regular consumption of green tea is protective against influenza infections.

Other researchers at the Yonsei University’s Department of Biotechnology at the College of LifeScience and Biotechnology in Seoul, South Korea, tested green tea solutions in variousconcentrations and discovered tea killed the influenza virus on skin.  All concentrations were effective against the flu virus, including the one with the lowestconcentration. Skin was exposed to one green tea bag per 120 ml of hot water low concentration and two to three bags per 120 ml to test higher concentrations. Even weak green tea solutionsproved effective. Researchers concluded that using a green tea solution as a hand disinfectant, gargling with tea and drinking tea could be a useful way to prevent transmission of the flu virus.

Source: World Tea News and Research published in the October edition of the Journal of Nutrition, and study published in the journal Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry of Japan Science and Technology Agency
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