With Tea Monde success comes while sharing


What if sharing your love for tea could help you reach your financial goals, and find joy on the way?  What if you could earn extra income while working on your own terms and at your own pace?  At Tea Monde™, we're passionate about tea and we're looking for dedicated, enthusiastic people like you to share all the enjoyment and benefits of drinking quality tea.  If you love our teas, you will get all you need to become an independent brand partner and launch your own business.


WHY CHOOSE Tea Monde™? 

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Do you love tea?  Do you love new challenges?  Do you like sharing?  Do you like team work and rewards?  Do you want to balance your family life and your career? 

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, start IMAGINING.

IMAGINE you can earn money while sharing your love of tea.  

IMAGINE you can be part of a new, challenging, and rewarding business success story.

IMAGINE you can build your own dream team, and be part of a community of peers and friends working together.

IMAGINE you can design a life focused around your interests and dreams for the future.

IMAGINE that you can become your own business through entrepreneurship.

Launch your own tea business today and start living the life that you have imagined.






No it’s not!  Owning your own direct sales business and having the flexibility to choose how much time you want to invest in your business is no longer just a dream, it’s a goal we would love to help you reach.  We can help you feel truly independent, while doing something fun that you love.  Set goals and create your dream business around your existing priorities.


To become a qualified Tea Monde independent brand partner, all you need to do is purchase your  own Consultant Starter Kit! This includes a selection of eight best seller teas chosen by our professional tea sommelier, along with a catalog, and all the necessary tools and training material you will need to get started.  There is no need to carry inventory.  Your starter kit is all you need to build your new business.  Also included, is the setup of a personalized Facebook page where you’re going to host your sales as well as free advertising activities.  Finally, you also get a supply of very special business cards.  Pick up a Tea Monde Consultant Starter Kit and launch your business today!  Only $159.00!

Once you have signed up, our professional TAC certified tea sommelier will schedule an online training session with you.  This straightforward comprehensive session will introduce you to our company and the products you will need in order to start earning commissions.  Plus, you will find a community of like-minded people on our private Facebook group to support you and to build sincere friendships with. 



With Tea Monde™ you can choose the sales and marketing activities that best fit your needs, personality, and lifestyle.  Tell everyone about what you are doing and how excited you are about Tea Monde™ loose leaf teas! Carry your very special business card with you at all times so you can be ready to share. Share your favorite teas with family, friends, and coworkers. Always ask for referrals. Visit our private Facebook group regularly for tips and advice.  

Do you like networking events?  Great!  Do you like to host house parties? Wonderful!  Do you liking hanging out on Social Medias?  Perfect!  It’s up to you to share your love for tea in the way that best fits your style.  There is no wright or wrong method!  Choose the one that works best for you and helps you reach your goals.


Who are we?

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Guylaine and I am the founder of Tea Monde™.  I am also TAC Professional Tea Sommelier.  Like you, a few years ago I was looking for a new job opportunity.  I had a passion for tea and I decided to create a new career by starting a web-based tea business.  Over the years, I have been able to share my passion with hundreds of people, doing tastings and workshops, tea-based culinary events such as food pairings and  cocktail hours, and contemporary afternoon tea times.   One thing people often say to me is "if I knew that tea could taste so good, I would have had it before"  to which I always reply "buy quality leaves and brew them properly and you will always get a good cuppa!".  

Out of these events, people were always surprised how versatile tea can be.  Think about it:  tea is not only just a hot or cold beverage, but also a super food, a powerful antioxidant, a multi-vitamin, a food enhancer, a cold and flu fighter, a powerful antibacterial,  a metabolism booster, a liver cleanser, a relaxant, and a stimulant.  Wow!  All these in a little green leaf?   It's amazing!  (Can you feel my passion?)

For thousands of years in Asian and European cultures, tea has been an occasion for sharing, a symbol of hospitality, and a precious gift.  To me, this is the spirit of tea, and I want to share with you.  I want to welcome you in my Journey and share with you the multiple benefits of drinking and sharing tea.  I want to help you create a tea business that will enhance your life in multiple ways, like it did for me.  I will help you create wealth and prosperity for you and your loved ones by spreading the benefits and pleasure of drinking tea.

I can't wait to meet you!