Explore a whole world of tea.

From pure tea and flavoured blends to herbal and rooibos, there’s a whole world of tea ready to be discovered, steeped and savoured. And we’re ready to share it with you.  Immerse yourself in a bold black tea from Kenya’s Mount Aberdares. Brew a healing Matcha from Japan. Or unwind with a fragrant white blend from China. Committed to working with passionate suppliers from tea estates and organic farms around the world, we connect you to quality, natural and organic teas you deserve – and flavours you love.

When it comes to our teas, our knowledge is deep and our commitment is unwavering. In fact, every Tea Monde product is 100% natural, certified organic and made with no artificial flavours or GMOs. You’re getting healthy, rare teas that warm your heart, heal your body, and take you on a global adventure.

We're committed to quality

Dedicated to quality, we source the best teas, share insightful information and continue to raise the standard for our teas, and the tea industry. Our commitment to quality begins by:

  • Using only high quality, natural and organic artisan teas that are ethically and sustainably grown.
  •  Having a professionally certified Tea Sommelier lead our team, which helps raise the standards of excellence for tea retailers and wholesalers.
  • Evaluating the source, freshness, aromas, taste, and appearance of all the teas we carry.
  • Seeking ingredients that are a good source of flavonoids, vitamins and antioxidants, which support and maintain a healthy living.

We're customer service driven

We’re passionate about tea, but our real purpose is to satisfy our customers. Our unwavering customer service is delivered by:

  • Believing that our customers are the lifeblood of our business and our most important stakeholders.
  • Striving to not only meet, but exceed our customer’s expectations on every purchase experience.
  • Seeing our customers as advocates who do more than shop with us – they also share the Tea Monde story with friends.
  • Being efficient, competent and knowledgeable so that our customers will continue to trust our products and value our service.

We're socially responsible

From product packaging to partners, we’re socially responsible when it comes to how we operate and who we operate with. Our social responsibility includes:

  • Partnering with select international tea blending companies who inspect their facilities, pick the best products and source the best ingredients.
  • Using suppliers who engage in bio-dynamic farming and have good ethical and sustainable practices.
  • Sourcing premium teas from blenders and producers who are leaders in the organic and Fair Trade industry.
  • Being aware of our environmental impact and choosing eco-friendly packaging that is reusable, while still preserving the freshness of our teas.