Hojicha Isagawa roasted organic green tea

Hojicha Shizuoka Japanese tea
Hojicha Shizuoka Japanese tea

Hojicha Isagawa roasted organic green tea


A large-leaf tea popular in Japan, Hojicha Isagawa is made from the last harvest of the year. The firing, or roasting of the leaves, gives depth to both, leaf and liquor, resulting in a bronze color unusual to Japanese tea. Served in many restaurants, and drank daily by the Japanese, it is perfect for winter days because of it's rich and warming nutty flavour. A great tea to end your day with, as it is low caffeine.  For those with the sweet tooth, a little bit of maple syrup makes it irresistable!

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This low caffeine roasted Japanese green tea has an unusual bronze color.  Very popular in Japan, it has a rich and warming nutty flavour.  It is perfect for winter days, or to end your day.


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Japanese green tea


Quantity: leaves/water = 2.5g (1 tsp) / 8 ounces (1-1/2 cup = 250ml)

Water temperature = 85 deg. Celsius / 203 deg. Fahrenheit

Steeping time = 4 to 5 min.

Teapot type = Western

Note, tip, advice

Can drinks with a cloud of milk or light cream

Sweetener suggestion: maple syrup


Caffeine = low

Antioxidant = none