Labrador Tea organic

Labrador tea organic
Labrador tea organic

Labrador Tea organic


From Lac Saint-Jean peat moss land in Quebec, the downy leaves of this Rhododendron genus plant, deliver a lively and light liquor, supported by nice, subtle, citrus and camphor aromas. Its herbal character is reminiscent of lichen and cedar. Labrador tea is known for its calming and slightly soporific influence, helping to combat insomnia and anxiety.

Comes in 250g bag

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Labrador Tea is one of our Canadian's treasures.  A delicious artisan herbal tea with lots of healthy benefits.


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Labrador tea (rhododendron genus plant) from Lac St-Jean in Québec


Quantity: leaves/water = 2.5g (1 tsp) / 8 ounces    (1 cup = 250ml)

Water temperature = 90 deg. Celsius / 195 deg. Fahrenheit

Steeping time = 3 to 5 min.

Teapot type = Western

Note, tip, advice:   Anti-inflammatory and decongestant, also calming and slightly soporific;  it is known to be antispasmodic, antibacterial, and effective to help treating various broncho pulmonary diseases; it is recognized to help hepatic draining and regeneration of  liver cells. Finally, it aids digestion, woman menstrual cycle and helps  deliver  work in birthing.

Please note:  Due  to its high tannin level, large consumption or extended steeping may cause cramps and stomach aches. It is therefore better to not steep it too long (3 - 5 min.), and to limit its consumption to one or two cups every second day. It is not recommended to pregnant woman,  and to children under six years old.


Caffeine = free
Antioxidant = high